Tel: +371 29143244,
+ 371 64170002
Amata district, Amata region,
LV - 4139, Latvia


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      At the edge of woods, surrounded by calming presence of the wild nature, after an hour-long drive by car from Riga, a separate vacation home awaits you. If you desire to spend your free time away from noise and haste of the city, you are welcome to our comfortable holiday house.    
      The first storey of the building is occupied by parlour with a fireplace, kitchen and sauna. On the second storey there are two bedrooms with separate bathrooms with shower.

We invite you:
•    to use a real bathhouse heated with wood;101 0172b
•    to take a swim in the nearby pond;
•    to relax by taking a trip on a boat;
•    to go fishing;
•    to use a grill and a place for campfire;
•    to take a walk close to nature.